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Innovation minister open MID2014!

Dilek Ayhan, State Secretary / Deputy Minister, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, opens the Marine Innovation Day in Bergen, March 4th, 2014.

Dilek Ayhan, State Secretary / Deputy Minister, Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, opens the Marine Innovation Day in Bergen, March 4th, 2014.

A closer look at solutions for the next generation marine sector.  

 Dilek Ayhan, the Norwegian deputy minister for innovation and entrepreneurship,  open Marine Innovaiton Day 2014 in Bergen, Tuesday March 4.

The marine agenda is one of the most important agendas, and the question is how to initiate     new blue innovations to feed the world.
- This is also the main slogan on the Marine Innovation Day in Bergen Tuesday March 4, says professor Øystein Lie.
The conference gathers the marine world’s top scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs as well as the trend setting producers, solutions providers and investors.
The keynote speakers will cover the following main topics under the headline Blue Innovations to Feed the World:

  • - Next generation aquaculture
  • - Sustainable exploitation of marine resources
  • - New blue innovation “climate”

- Visions and ideas to be shared.  Entrepreneurs will present projects for the betterment of the sector, says Lie.  He and Tanja Hoel, manager at Fiskeriforum Vest, welcome to the most important marine innovation conference.
Dilek Ayhan, deputy minister at the Norwegian Ministry of trade, industry and fisheries, opens the conference.  She will especially appeal to young talents to mobilize solutions for next generation marine sector.

New twist
Hoel and Lie informs that Marine Innovation Day this year will have a new twist, with a Round Table debate where speakers and audience will be challenged.  In addition the conference offers support for connecting between interested parties searching for business partner opportunities during the conference day. An open Innovation Bar supported by different media, apps and channels, from the conference facebook page, twitter, virtual anonymous chat room to sms-service.
- We offer support for using the different technologies available for communication, in the comfort of the conference, as tools for setting up one-2-one meetings, says Øystein Lie.

Conference partners
The Marine Innovation Day is an important part of the annual North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), 4th -6th of March 2014. Last year, Marine Innovation Day was by far the largest single session of NASF. Marine Innovation Day is organized by Marlife in cooperation with The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF),  Fiskeriforum Vest (FFV), Biomarine  and NASF.
NOK 100.000
The best innovation case will cash-in NOK 100.000 as the winner of Marine Innovation Day Award 2014.  The innovative cases will play a central role on the conference, where a short-list of the award tenders will be presented from the scene.

Round Table
The conference moderator Jostein Refsnes will finally challenge a Marine Round Table of the conference keynote speakers, in a debate about future marine innovations.
Register for the conference and
innovative case submission at:
We look forward to meeting you in Bergen!

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