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New marine hub in Oslo

MarLife Business Center is located at Oslo Science Park/ OsloTech.  Picture: Magne Otterdal

MarLife Business Center is located at Oslo Science Park/ OsloTech.  Picture: Magne Otterdal

The capital of “oceanic Norway”, Oslo, aims at pushing marine investment and innovation rates: The marine innovation network MarLife opens its new business center.

- The marine innovation business consists of two major driving forces, that is challenge and innovation climate.  We are dealing with the biggest challenges of mankind, feeding the world,  which again urges us to develop new ways of making food. The blue part representing the largest potential, says professor Øystein Lie, manager at MarLife.

Professor Øystein Lie: - The implications of EPB to marine living resource management and harvest together with aquaculture potentials are beyond imagination. Picture: Gorm K. Gaare.

Professor Øystein Lie: - The implications of EPB to marine living resource management and harvest together with aquaculture potentials are beyond imagination. Picture: Gorm K. Gaare.

- At the same time we need to optimize the innovation climate, fostering cross talk between stake holders.

Lie, dean at the Norwegian University of Lifes Sciences and an entrepreneur in the marine field, has initiated the new business center in collaboration with Oslo Tech, Oslo Science Park, where the center is  located.

Business hub

- MarLife Business Center is a international business hub for the biomarine sector, says Lie.  Oslo Science Park is Norway’s number one sicence-based innovation hub.  It’s where academia meets business, centrally located in the tech valley of Oslo.

Allready, before the inauguration, a growing number of companies have become tenants of MarLife Business Center.

- The innovation center offers a unique environment of marine players which allows interaction to increase idea flow and advance innovation, says prof. Lie.

International network

From its location In Oslo, MarLife plays an international role in the innovation ecosystem as a core facilitator of workspace for innovation: 

- Producers, solution providers, R&D entities, public sector, capital and capital fund managers, creative entrepreneurs, young talents, inspiring communicators – all are welcome to be part of MarLife Business Center, says prof. Lie.

According to the MarLife manager, the aquaculture giants as well as investment funds are excited about the new innovation environment I Oslo.

- Our aim is not least to be a hub for future investment targets in the marine sector.  We also cooperate with other international Biomarine networks and business clusters, says prof. Lie.

MarLife is founding member of Biomarine International Clusters Association (BICA), a new global umbrella organization in the biomarine sector. The biomarine innovation networks will together extend the marine dialogue platform to a global format, interact with capital in a total news manner to enhance the necessary investment rates to reach our goals.

- As part of the global network, the marine business center here in Oslo will help guiding investors towards the best investment targets in the Biomarine field, says prof. Øystein Lie.


Bio economy

The new business center opens at same time as the release of BioVerdi, a report outlining the development of bio-based innovation – how biotechnology will be a major driver of the future economy.

- Our bio marine business center is one of many efforts to shape the business and industry for the future, says Øystein Lie.  He is the BioVerdi project manager, a project chaired by Ole Petter Ottersen, rector at University of Oslo.   Close to 50 managers from the four main industry sectors, r&d instutions, academia are partners in the BioVerdi project.



MarLife Business Center

  • Located in Oslo Science Park, housing top science based companies, incubator functions, laboratories, investment funds
  • Head office of MarLife, the international Biomarine innovation network, covering all marine sectors.



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