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Nina Santi, CEO, AquaGen.

Nina Santi, CEO, AquaGen.

[press release] Nina Santi has been appointed CEO of AquaGen.

Nina Santi comes from a position as Technical Director of the company and will take over the CEO position 10 January 2016.

Santi has worked with AquaGen since 2007. She came from a position as Associate Professor at the Veterinary School, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She is a veterinarian and also holds a doctoral degree in fish virology from the same place.

Santi has been responsible for several different disciplines during her career at AquaGen. She was first employed as Quality and Fish Health Manager until 2010. She then went over to the company’s research and development department and became head of that department in 2011. Since 2013 Santi has been employed as Technical Director with the overall responsibility for the company’s breeding programs, in addition to research and development. Within this period, AquaGen has been developing rapidly and has reinforced its position as the leading global aquaculture breeding company.

-We are very pleased that Santi takes over as CEO of AquaGen, says chairman Odd Magne Rødseth. She has extensive experience in the company and a thorough understanding of all areas of activity. AquaGen is in a phase where new product lines based on modern breeding technology are entering the market. We have great expectations in short and medium term that this will contribute significantly to solving key challenges for the aquaculture industry. Santi has already played a key role in this work with her professional expertise and international experience in innovation management.

Rolf Nordmo, who has led AquaGen since 2014, has decided to resign from the position for family reasons. The board thanks Nordmo for his efforts and wishes him luck in his future career.

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