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Sir Bob with a message to the future

Sir Bob Geldof with keynote speech at AquaVision 2014.

Sir Bob Geldof with keynote speech at AquaVision 2014.

Stavanger 16-18 June 2014: Innovation is at the heart of the AquaVision  conference.

According to conference organizer Eivind Helland, there are innovative lessons to learn from LEGO, a company that rewrote innovation rules and conquered the global toy industry, and prof. David Robertson, author of “Brick by Brick” will open the innovation session at AquaVision.

The Oslo based company Stingray Marine Solutions presents a new optical solution to delouse salmon.  The laser technology will be commersia- lized towards the end of 2014.

The theme for AquaVision 2014 is ‘Meeting tomorrow today’, and the two-day programme will discuss three main topics: “Feeding 9 billion people”, “The blue revolution” and “Beyond tomorrow”.

The bi-annual Stavanger conference attracts a diverse range of stakeholders from across the aquaculture industry to Stavanger. The conference, organised by Skretting and its parent company Nutreco since 1996, is internationally recognised as an important meeting place for some 450 participants from more than 35 countries.

According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, current global food production needs to increase 70 per cent by 2050 in order to feed two billion additional people. The growth of aquaculture will become an increasingly important part of that future food supply, while paying particular attention to environmental concerns.

Meeting tomorrow today

Sir Bob Geldof, founder og Live Aid, has become a player in “the blue revolution”.  At the Aqua Vision conference in Stavanger, Norway, in June 2014, Geldof delivers the key note speech on the main challenge: Feeding 9 billion people.

The biggest challenges in the world today can only be overcome when the big players - governments, corportations and NGO’s - find a way to work together strategically.  This is the main message from Geldof, who has postioned himself as an authoritative corporate speaker, based on his own experiences, Live Aid and building commercial businesses.

- We will explore ways in which aquaculture can contribute sustainably to feeding the planet’s growing population,” says Viggo Halseth, COO of Nutreco Aquaculture, conference organizer.

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